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About the platform

We want to change the world!

Our children are the ones that can do so!

We live in an interesting time. Every day brings amazing technological novelties, the diversity and complexity of society is turning up so vividly like never before. Our children’s education is the core to the successful adaptation to the new realia, that’s why the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine designed the concept of the New Ukrainian School (NUS).

The education platform starts from teachers. Applying the proved experience of British Council, Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment English, MoE implements reforms directed at the development of skills and personal needs of every child.

This platform was created to help implement the long-awaited system of foreign language teaching adapted to the peculiarities of child’s perception. The platform contains materials aligned to educational standard that were specifically selected by experts of 3 education organisations for teachers in primary and mid-secondary school segments.

The platform is designed and can be used in the reform of all the layers of education in Ukraine and will help make Ukrainian education one of the best.

Our children deserve the best!

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